The community is lovingly prepared by two guides who support the newly walking child with opportunities for refinement of movement, freedom of expression, purposeful work, and social interaction. Our infant community is designed to act as a microcosm of family life – inviting the child to engage in activities of everyday life and thereby adopt their culture.

Our Montessori Toddlers classroom consists of 3 classic areas

the practical life area

Development and refinement of movement

This learning environment is set up to allow the child to develop and refine their gross and fine motor movements through play with the inviting psycho-sensory motor apparatus like posting shapes, tracking a ball in the maze, and later learning to snip with a pair of beginners scissors. In the garden, the children get plenty of opportunities to refine their gross motor co-ordination by running, jumping, climbing, and sliding.  Playing with balls and riding bikes are firm favourite activities for this.


Practical life

Activities of daily life e.g. sweeping, mopping the floor or cleaning the windows are carefully prepared for the young toddlers with specifically proportioned apparatus so as to make the activity manageable for the child. The children are encouraged to take care of themselves with activities like brushing their hair, wiping their nose, or washing their faces. They also take care of their environment with activities like washing the dishes or watering plants.  The children are involved in the food preparation for the morning snack, happily slicing bananas, baking bread, and pouring their own glass of water.  All of the above activities assist the child in developing their concentration, building their self-confidence and co-ordination and the opportunity of contributing to their environment.


Rich language environment

As the young children in our infant community are just entering the expressive stage in their speech development, much emphasis is put on creating a rich language environment.   This includes adults who use/role model clear, precise and rich language, encouraging conversation with the children all through the day.  Much focus is put on naming the objects in the environment, showing the children that each object has a name.  Further speech development is encouraged through song, poetry, reading stories and lots of chatting!