Each group of 20 preschoolers has two guides. One guide directs the class and the other assists the class, both fulfilling vital roles in supporting the child on their learning journey. The classroom is the child’s space: beautifully prepared, orderly, proportionally sized for the child. It is a place where the pre-schooler can find everything that they need for their chosen work, from a child-sized broom or mop for cleaning up a spill to all the necessary apparatus for writing a story or calculating a maths problem.

The child in the Pre-school class has the opportunity of spending a full three-year cycle in the Montessori environment.  Remaining for the full cycle affords the child the full benefit of their Montessori journey.  The child develops at their own pace, building on their growth and confidence year upon year, culminating in a final year of consolidation of all the wonderful skills, attributes and strengths they have acquired.

The outdoors is as vital a learning environment as is the indoors.  Our farm garden provides lots of opportunity for gross motor development, a close connection with the wonders of nature and ample space for lots of free play.

Our Montessori Pre-school classroom consists of 5 classic areas

the practical life area

The Practical Life Area

The children can polish ornaments, clean the windows, care for plants and a host of other hands-on, satisfying activities.

the sensorial area

The Sensorial Area

The child discovers through their own exploration of the Montessori apparatus that appeals to and refines their senses. For example, matching sounds, grading shades of colours from light to dark, or sequencing the cubes of a tower from large to small. The activities provided in the sensorial area help the children clarify, classify, and understand the world around them.



It is the young child’s work to adapt to their culture and our classroom gives them the keys to discovering their world and its inter-connectedness. We foster a keen eye on sustainability and conservation and thereby promoting a love and genuine care for our environment.



The inviting Montessori language materials offer the child vocabulary enrichment, awareness of sounds and sensory exploration of letters fostering their innate interest in reading and writing and expressing themselves verbally.



Born with a mathematical mind young children naturally explore mathematical concepts. This learning journey is supported by the very concrete mathematical apparatus that helps the child on their journey to abstraction.