All teaching staff have attended the Paediatric First Aid Training provided by the Medical Education Centre and have regularly attended the 2 yearly refresher courses.

Based on their deep love and respect for young children, sisters, Emma and Claire founded the Chameleons Montessori School in 2000 at their home in De Bron. We moved to the Nitida Wine Farm in 2003, where we have very happily been situated ever since! We have a dedicated team of staff who have worked harmoniously together for many years creating what is Chameleons Montessori today.

The Chameleons staff


Emma Medell

Principal & Pre-school Directress

Emma began her Montessori journey by traveling to London, England to study at the Maria Montessori Training Organisation in 1987 where she qualified as a 3-6 year Montessori Directress. Emma was the working Principal at Beehive Montessori, Cape Town for 7 years gaining much experience of running a school and directing a class. In 1998 Emma attended the Birth to 3 year Montessori Diploma course with Dr Montanaro in London. Following this, Emma was inspired to open her own Toddler environment which swiftly blossomed into the Chameleons Montessori School for Toddlers and Pre-schoolers. Emma is mother to a daughter, Skye.


Claire Goffe-Wood

School Administrator & Toddler Directress

Claire began her Montessori journey in 1993 when she joined the team at Bee Hive Montessori for a short while to establish their Aftercare Facility. Claire moved to London after this and became a systems executive in a corporate environment. After the birth of her two children, Hannah and Kyle. Claire returned to Cape Town and joined forces with Emma to fulfill their vision of creating a Montessori School. Claire ran the Toddlers Class for many years. Claire attended The Chameleons Toddler Training course in 2007, the Auburn House Basic Montessori Course in 2009, as well as the AMI Birth – 3 Certificate course in 2014. In 2018 Claire attended the Birth – 3 Montessori Diploma Course offered by AMI at the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch. In addition, she attended the Auburn House Basic Montessori Course in 2009, as well as the AMI Birth – 3 Certificate course in 2014.


Monique Wilson

Pre-school Directress

Monique Studied Montessori at Auburn House in 2017, obtaining her 3-6 Montessori Diploma. Monique gained her initial working experience in a Montessori environment at Hout Bay Montessori School. We were delighted to welcome Monique to our team at Chameleons in January 2020. Monique’s fresh and open disposition are an absolute asset to our school.


Janielle Joyner

School Secretary

Janielle joined the Chameleons Team in 2011 where she established a wonderfully organized office system and established herself as a capable liaison between the school and the parents. Janielle has two children Kayleigh and Allan.


Poppy Morabe

Pre-school Assistant

Poppy joined Chameleons in the early days in 2000. She began as a Class Assistant in the Toddlers Group, where her love of children and gentle disposition was immediately evident. Poppy’s Montessori Training includes The Chameleons Toddler Training course in 2007, the Auburn House Basic Montessori Course in 2009, and the AMI Birth – 3 Certificate course in 2014. In January 2020 Poppy moved to the Pre-school Class to become the Class Assistant in support of Monique. Poppy has two children, Moluki and Theo.


Betty Moneemang

Pre-school Assistant

Betty joined the Chameleons Team in 2003, when we moved to Nitida. From word go, Betty’s patient and grounded disposition proved to be an asset to the Pre-school environment. Betty’s Montessori training includes The Chameleons Toddler Training course in 2007 and the on-going in-house Pre-school training provide by our Principal. Betty does not have any children of her own, but supports an extended family at home.


Lettie Mogapi

Toddlers Assistant

Lettie joined Chameleons Montessori in 2007 where she became a housekeeper and then a Class Assistant in the Toddlers Group. Lettie’s Montessori Training includes on-going in-house Toddler training provided by our Toddler Directress, Claire. Lettie’s consistent and gentle manner provides a comforting foundation in our Toddler environment. Lettie has two children, Omphile and Mpho.


Josef Ipinge

Gardener & Cleaner

Josef, hailing from Namibia, joined the Chameleons Team in 2006 as our Gardener. Josef soon became our cleaner as well. He has a thorough approach to his work and has an excellent attention to detail, ensuring that we have a very well maintained indoor and outdoor environment. Josef has a daughter, Summer.