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The Parent Teacher Association is a supportive body of parents and staff who collaborate to:
·  Bring into closer relationship the home and the School so that parents and teachers may
    cooperate more closely in the education of the learners of the School.
·  Provide a channel of communication between parents and the School and vice versa.
·  Provide a forum for the discussion of important issues and where appropriate inform
    School Management and the Association of the opinions of Association Members.
·   Promote by every means possible good fellowship and co-operation between parents
     and/or guardians of enrolled learners of the school and between the teaching staff and
    learners of the school.
·  Work in harmony and close co-operation with School management in promoting the
    interests of the School and learners of the school.
·   Devise, contrive, promote and implement fund-raising activities of any legal nature
    whatsoever for the benefit of the school and in support of the school’s goals with the
    consent of School Management,
·  Build community within the School.
·  Oversee school events and portfolios which require parental involvement or support.
·  Further the interests and welfare of the school, it’s staff, parents and learners of the
    school, present and future, in any manner whatsoever, in regard to their activities
    whether educational, intellectual, social, sporting or occupational.
The PTA meets once a term. Parents wishing to add an item for discussion to the agenda need to contact one of the committee members in advance. The minutes of these meetings are available to any interested parents.
We welcome new volunteers to join the PTA. Please let us know if you would be interested.