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Please click on the link to view the fee structure for the listed year. Fee Structure 2016 

School open Hours:
Mon-Friday: 07h30 - 17h00

School teaching Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 08h00 - 12h30
Friday: 08h00 - 12h00

School teaching Hours: (6 year old’s, Extended Day)
Mon-Thurs: 12h30 - 14h00
Children can be dropped off at school from 07h30.

The School day finishes promptly at the above times, thereafter aftercare rates will apply.

Final Closing Time: Mon to Friday 17h00 (Late pick ups incur a penalty fee).

We are closed on all Public Holidays.

Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

Wed 13 January 2016
Tues 5 April 2016
Tues 19 July 2016
Tues 11 October 2016

Fri 18 March 2016 
Fri 24 June 2016
Fri 30 September 2016
Wed 7 December 2016

1 January 2016 - New Years Day
21 March 2016 - Human Rights Day
25 March 2016 - Good Friday
28 March 2016 - Family Day
27 April 2016 - Freedom Day
28 April 2016 – School Holiday
29 April 2016 – School Holiday
1 May 2016 - Workers Day
2 May 2016 – Public Holiday
16 June 2016 - Youth Day
17 June 2016 – School Holiday
8 August 2016 – School Holiday
9 August 2016 - Women’s Day
24 September 2016 - Heritage Day
16 December 2016 - Day of Reconciliation
25 December 2016 - Christmas Day
26 December 2016 - Day Of Goodwill

The Holiday Programme runs full day during a portion of the school holidays. A relaxed, fun programme is put together by the staff for each group of children. The children enjoy the full benefits of the farm environment with regular walks on the farm.

The cost for Holiday care is in addition to school tuition fees and is payable as a daily rate, which will appear on your monthly account.

2016 Holiday Care programme dates:
Monday 11 January & Tuesday 12 January
Tuesday 29 March – Friday 1 April
Monday 27 June     – Friday 1 July
Monday 11 July       – Friday 15 July
Monday 3 October – Friday 7 October
Monday 12 December - Thursday 15 December
Chameleons considers good nutrition to be essential for a healthy body and mind from an early age. Meal times are a wonderful opportunity to develop social and community minded values. Sharing a meal is a significant and meaningful part of the day.

The following meal times are followed:
Chameleons Toddlers
Morning snack: mid morning
Lunch: 11h45
Afternoon snack: 15h00

Chameleons Pre-School
Morning snack: mid morning
Lunch: 12h30
Afternoon snack: 15h00
The children are involved in all aspects of the snack preparation process and are encouraged to enjoy the sense of community in sharing a meal together. Morning snack consists of seasonal fruits, savoury biscuits and water.

We have prepared a list of morning snacks to be supplied for each child at the beginning of every term as follows:
Morning snack:
• 2 x jars of healthy spread
• 3 x packs of Corn Thins/Provitas
Also the following 2 items:
• 1 x box of tissues
• 1 x pack of wet wipes (toddlers only!)
Each day your child needs to bring a fruit or vegetable to school for their morning snack.
Please send your child’s lunch packed in a Woolworth’s lunch bag as these are easily stored. Please follow the following guidelines for what to pack.
• Pack wholesome, well balanced meals
• Encourage children to eat whole-wheat or rye bread
• Include fruit & vegetables
• Pack healthy drinks e.g. fruit juice, water, smoothies
• Include sugar-free foods
• Pack easy to handle portions
• No crisps.
• No sweets, refined sugary biscuits, cakes or chocolates.
• No fizzy cooldrinks, Oros ,"squash" or energy drinks

Each classroom has a fridge and lunches needing refrigeration will be put in the fridge. Yogurts should be clearly marked with your child's name.
Monitor your child's lunch box daily to see what he likes or dislikes or to determine the correct amount.
In an effort to protect our environment, we ask that you make an extra effort to use reusable containers as much as possible, i.e. plastic sandwich boxes instead of disposable plastic bags.

Children who stay in After Care should bring a healthy snack from home packed in their lunch box for their afternoon snack.  Please use the lunch guidelines for what to pack.
Please ensure that your child’s clothes are weather appropriate. Clothes should be comfortable and allow freedom of movement. Fastenings on clothing should be simple enough for the child to undo him-/herself, avoiding belts and dungarees etc.
Please pack a spare pair of clothes each day – including spare socks and underwear.
Summer: Please send a sun hat to be kept at school.
Winter: Please send Wellington boots, indoor shoes and jackets for going outdoors.
Toddlers wearing nappies/training pants should bring an adequate supply for the day.