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To enrol your child with us, we include below some information to guide you through our admissions process:
The first step in the process is for the applicant to visit us on site, meet the staff also view the school and class environments.
It is important that prospective parents avail themselves of ALL the information about the school in order to make an informed decision before choosing to enrol with us.
Viewing of the school is done by appointment only.  For an appointment to view, kindly contact our School Secretary on (021) 976-9611 for a date and time that best suits you.
The next step in the admissions process after you have been to view the school would be the payment of R250 non-refundable Application Fee.
Receipt of this payment places your child’s name on either The Admissions Waiting list (in instances where there are no available places at the time… and this means you are on the list for the next available place)
The Provisional Reservation List (when there are places available at the time of  payment of the application fee but finalization & confirmation remains subject to fulfillment of the admissions process - explained further below).
All available spaces at the school are filled from this list and places are offered on a first listed, first served basis.
Banking details for payment of the Application Fee:
Account Name: Chameleons Montessori
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Willowbridge Place
Branch Code: 210655
Account Number: 62196050753
Please use your child’s name(s) and surname as reference and E-mail proof of payment to  janielle@chameleonsmontessori.co.za
You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and confirmation of wait-listing / provisional listing by reply mail.
3.    THE CHILD’S ASSESSMENT (where applicable)
Where applicable, an assessment of the child will be required.  Such an assessment is conducted via a very gentle, stress-free visit which, depending on the age of the child, involves the child joining the class for a few hours or a full morning.
This is a wonderful opportunity for the child to experience first-hand what the class is like and also provides an opportunity for the Directress and Principal to meet the child and assess whether or not the child is suited to our Montessori environment and, if so, where the child should be placed within the classes.
All decisions are based on the best interests of the child but also takes into consideration the existing children in the class.
If applicable, you will be contacted for an appointment for the assessment morning.
What you should bring along to the assessment:
·   If the child is transferring from another School: Copies of the Child's Academic Record
·   Any relevant assessment reports received from Specialists (if applicable) (e.g. Speech or
    occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist etc.)
·   A packed lunch (depending on the child’s length of stay for assessment).
Verbal feedback of the child's assessment day will be provided to the parent after the assessment has been conducted.
All ‘Offers of Place’ are made to applicants on the Admissions Waiting-list / Provisional Booking List. The ‘Offer of Place’ is based on the next suitable, available place at the school which best suits the applicant’s criteria.
If for any reason the applicants’ required commencement date cannot be met, the next available date will be offered to the applicant.
On a first come, first served basis, all applicants who accept an ‘Offer of Place’ at Chameleons Montessori School maintain the right of first refusal to any unforeseen suitable, earlier place which may become available. The school endeavours to adopt fairest measures possible in offering of available places to applicants.
Once a place has been offered to the child, you will be required to attend a brief meeting with us where you will be presented with the printed enrolment documentation which we require for completion of the admissions process.
It would be preferable that both parents to attend this meeting as all documents must be read, understood and duly signed by BOTH parents.
All original, duly completed and signed enrolment documents, together with all required supporting documentation, should be returned to the school’s Admin office as soon as possible
Together with the completed documentation the proof of payment of the Registration Fee applicable to the enrolment will become due.
Banking details for payment of the Registration Fee:
 Account Name: Chameleons Montessori
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Willowbridge Place
Branch Code: 210655
Account Number: 62196050753
Please use your child’s first name and surname as the reference.
It is ONLY upon receipt of the Registration Fee and all duly completed and signed enrolment documentation (as well as any accompanying documents that may be required) that the applicant will enjoy the benefit of a CONFIRMED, RESERVED place at Chameleons Montessori.
Such Confirmation of Admission will be sent in writing via Email.
It is important to note that enrolment can only be confirmed upon completion of the ENTIRE admissions process.


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